A couple of weekends ago, I embarked on an adventure to the most southwestern province, Zeeland. Tamara (my schoonzus) had invited me to join her for a couple of days on the coast of the North Sea at a holiday park called Roompot.  I think there are some vacation communities like this in the States, but it’s certainly not common. Since I’ve never been to a holiday park, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I’m always up for new experiences.

We were in a cozy, waterfront chalet on a canal that ran through the park. The cottage had three bedrooms, complete with kitchen, bathroom, living area and back deck. With a community pool, small café and bar, bike rentals and entertainment programs for children, it is the perfect accommodation for a family wanting to experience the beach but not in a typical hotel or resort atmosphere.

The beaches were deserted considering school has still not let out for summer vacation here. Aside from some brief but heavy downpours, we had beautiful weather. Warm, sunny, and a light breeze. Perfect for beach-combing, alfresco dining, and exploring the surrounding area on bikes.


We took a 32 kilometer (20 mile) bike ride throughout the countryside of Zeeland, visiting small towns like Groede, Nieuwvliet, and Cadzand along the way. We stopped for a delicious and much-deserved lunch on the beach in Cadzand-Bad before heading back along the waterfront bike path. With views of the sea to the left and countryside to the right, it was an absolutely stunning afternoon.

Before heading back to Baarn on our last day, we detoured for a few hours to explore Sluis, a small city less than a kilometer from the Belgian border. Our visit was not merely for fun sightseeing; we were on a mission to find Zeeuwse Bolussen. I wasn’t sure exactly what we were looking for, but Tamara assured me that the payoff to the mission, should I choose to accept it, would be well worth it. Moments after our arrival, Tamara zeroed in on an adorable, old school bakery a couple of blocks off the beaten path. I’m not sure how she found it so quickly, but her bolus radar was ON. There was practically a line out the door of the bakery, and these weren’t tourists or newcomers either. It was clear that these were octogenarians who frequented this bakery on a daily basis. I knew immediately that we were in good hands.

It turns out that a Zeeuwse Bolus is similar to the most perfect incarnation of a cinnamon roll – sticky, sugary and spicy, and so very delicious. The baked treat is of Jewish origin and indigenous to the province of Zeeland. We bought eight of them, because, well, when in Zeeland. But, relax! They weren’t all for us!

After stopping for Belgian cappuccino in an adorable tea room and eating a tasty lunch on a sunny terrace beneath one of the prettiest wooden windmills I’ve ever seen, we started our journey home. Such a nice two-day vacation and one I won’t soon forget!





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